Hello, I’m Sarah Tyson, Professor of Rehabilitation at the University of Manchester, neurological physiotherapist and enthusiast for improving outcomes for people neurological conditions using research and other evidence.

This blog has been set up in response to the discussion that was generated to an icsp (the discussion forum for the CSP) thread about the evidence-base for neuro physios and more specifically, the evidence for or against Bobath therapy (found here http://www.csp.org.uk/icsp/topics/rationale-evidence-bobath-neurological-physio  and http://www.csp.org.uk/icsp/topics/novak-review-casts-doubt-efficacy-bobath-should-we-embrace-or-ignore-it  ) Many got in touch to let me know that they would like a more open forum, so here it is. Having said that, icsp is a good resource for MCSPs – I’d encourage you to register and use it. However I’d like to expand the remit beyond the icsp thread to open a discussion (polite and respectful discussion) about evidence based neurological physiotherapy; what that means in reality, and how we could/ should/ would be delivering it.  I also doubt that I’ll be able to resist letting folk know about the rehabilitation research for people with stroke and other conditions we are doing at Manchester. So it’s only fair and reasonable that I invite others to do the same.

My original aim was to present the main topics of discussion about the evidence (or otherwise) for the Bobath concept as they appeared in the icsp discussion and to let all contributors make their points in a wider forum. However this has fallen foul of the terms and conditions of icsp and their copyright rules, so I have to summarise the contributions in my own words. I have tried to do this as openly and even-handedly as I can. You can always go back to the original icsp thread to check it out, but let me know if there is anything you object to about the way I have precise’d and I will be happy to change it.

Let’s have a lively debate.